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Clean Air Enclosures

The mobile, connection-free Erlab filtration clean air enclosure is the ideal workstation for any operation requiring a totally clean environment, protected from any pollution.  The ultra-high performance Erlab filtration clean air enclosure is fitted with high-efficiency HEPA H14 (or ULPA U16) filters, for optimal protection from particulate contamination and to provide an ISO class 5* working environment, according to the EN ISO 14644-1: 2015 standard.  Fitted with SMART technology, the Erlab filtration clean air enclosure lets users focus on their research: this highly efficient and intuitive light-based communication interface keeps them constantly informed of the level of safety they are receiving.  An optional molecular filter can even protect operations from VOCs present in the laboratory atmosphere.


A range of advantages:

  • Safety

    360-degree monitoring of both the air in your enclosure and your laboratory.
  • Performance
    Unrivaled filtration capacity.  Performance which exceeds the strictest standards to protect your laboratory personnel and their environment.
  • Savings
    Erlab biological workstations give your lab an immediate boost in productivity.
  • Simplicity
    Equipment that is easy to install and simple to use.
  • Connectivity
    SMART technology communicates valuable information to the user in real time using light and sound signals.