Erlab - Captair Bio 320/ 321/ 391

PCR Workstations

Erlab PCR workstations are fitted with a high-efficiency filtration system (HEPA/ULPA U16) which keeps your work area particle-free and prevents any pollution from reaching your handling operations.  A UV lamp also decontaminates the work surface and prevents biological cross-contamination between two operations.  An optional molecular filter can even protect handling operations from VOCs present in the laboratory atmosphere.  As they are entirely standalone units, there are no additional costs involved for installing Erlab biological workstations as well as no special assembly costs.  Erlab biological workstations communicate using built-in SMART technology: an intuitive lighting system which keeps the user constantly informed of the operational status of their device.


A range of advantages:

  • Safety

    A particle-free work area, protected from cross-contamination.
  • Performance
    Unrivaled filtration capacity.  Performance which exceeds the strictest standards to protect your laboratory personnel and their environment.
  • Savings
    Erlab biological workstations give your lab an immediate boost in productivity.
  • Simplicity
    Equipment that is easy to install and simple to use.
  • Connectivity
    SMART technology communicates valuable information to the user in real time using light and sound signals.