Erlab - Filtering Storage Cabinet 822/ 832/ 834/ 1634

Filtering Storage Cabinets

Erlab filtering storage cabinets provide outstanding filtration quality to ensure users are protected against chemical hazards.  Their technology adapts to the type of product being stored.  Users are given the best possible view of the stored products through their transparent doors and are alerted in the event of prolonged opening.  Erlab’s new storage cabinets offer a wireless, simple, and innovative method of communication: SMART technology.  Thanks to user friendly, intuitive operation, this highly efficient light-based interface offers visual clues to operational status.


A range of advantages:

  • Savings

    The safest storage cabinets are also the least expensive.
  • Safety
    Designed to keep users free from chemical inhalations, Erlab filtering storage cabinets minimize the risk posed by fumes, vapors, and chemicals.
  • Performance
    A level of protection above even the most stringent standards.
  • Simplicity
    Equipment that is easy to install and simple to use.
  • Connectivity
    Erlab filtering chemical fume hoods connect to your smartphone and send you valuable information in real time.