Erlab - Weighing Station 321/ 391/ 481/ 392

Secure Weighing StationsFiltering Chemical Fume Hoods

Erlab secure weighing stations guarantee an outstanding level of safety for users.  They provide the required stability as well as the level of accuracy (up to 10-6 g) required when weighing in the laboratory.  It is the ideal solution for hazardous operations which require a confined environment, eliminating any risk of personnel being exposed to toxic products.  SMART technology, which is built into Erlab weighing stations, acts as a security guard for users: this highly efficient light-based communication interface keeps them informed of the operational status of their weighing stations.


A range of advantages:

  • Savings

    Low installation costs and very low operational costs.
  • Safety
    Trapping pollutants at the source means increased safety performance.
  • Performance
    Carry out all your weighing operations while trapping particles and vapors at the source, with no risk of escape into the environment.
  • Precision
    Ensures weighing accuracy under protective air flow up to 10-6 g.  Fitted with a phenolic resin work surface.
  • Flexibility
    With no connections required, the weighing station can be quickly installed in the laboratory and moved quickly and easily.