Vacuubrand - BVC basic / BVC basic G

Fluid Aspiration Systems

The BioChem-VacuuCenter BVC basic is designed for connection to an existing external vacuum source like a diaphragm pump or a vacuum network and does not require electric power.

  • mechanical vacuum regulator and integrated check valve to provide optimum working vacuum and minimize the vapor load on the vacuum network
  • stable base and electricity-free operation for convenience
  • autoclavable collection bottle designed to reduce aero­sol and foam formation; autoclavable quick-couplings available as accessory
  • aspiration hand set VacuuHandControl (VHCpro) with flow-through suction tube - no contamination of handle by aspirated media
  • hydrophobic 0.2 µm sterilizable filter - contamination risks for the vacuum pumping system are greatly reduced; autoclavable as complete unit together with the collection bottle
  • available either as BVC basic with 4l PP bottle or as BVC basic G with 2l coated borosilicate glass bottle