Repligen - Tube-A-Lyzer

Repligen's Tube-A-Lyzer is a ready-to-use, gentle separation device that combines convenience and disposability with the efficiency of dynamic dialysis to significantly increase the mass transfer rate and reduce the overall dialysis from 1-2 days to 12 hours.  This self-contained, disposable device incorporates a semi-permeable membrane tubing that separates the sample chamber from the surrounding flow-through buffer chamber.  The dry Biotech Grade Cellulose Ester (CE) membrane tubing is available in 6 MWCO's and the membrane-defined sample chamber is available in 2 volume sizes.  The sample port provides easy access for loading, recovering and in-process testing.  The housing is designed to be a flow-through dialysate chamber that can be connected to a buffer source and a waste collection vessel, or for discharging directly to drain.  Tube-A-Lyzer is non-pyrogenic and can be sterilized (25 kGy gamma irradiation).