Jeol - JSM-7610F PLUS / Schottky Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope

The electron optical system of the JSM-7610F, which has been well received, has been reviewed, and the resolution has been further improved (15 kV 0.8 nm, 1 kV 1.0 nm), and it has been renewed as the JSM-7610F Plus.  A semi-in-lens objective lens and High Power Optics irradiation system are adopted, enabling stable observation and analysis of high spatial resolution.  In addition, it offers low acceleration voltage observation with GENTLEBEAMTM mode, signal sorting with r-filter, and extensibility to meet various needs.

  • Specification:
    • Resolution: 0.8 nm (15 kV), 1.0 nm (1 kV)
    • Accelerating Voltage: 0.1 to 30 kV
    • Magnification: 25 to 1,000,000X
    • Electron gun type: In-lens Schottky field-emission gun
    • Feature: GENTLEBEAMTM, A semi-in-lens objective lens