Jeol - JSM-IT500HR / InTouchScope Scanning Electron Microscope

JSM-IT500HR is a new model of JEOL InTouchScope series.  The high-brightness electron gun was installed on the "Borderless SEM JSM-IT 500", where the software for analysis work became a single task and the work speed was dramatically improved from the view set to the report creation.  Faster surprise image quality observation and high sensitivity and high spatial resolution! More easily! A state-of-the-art scanning electron microscope that can be done.

  • Specification:
    • Resolution: 1.5 nm (30 kV), 4 nm (1 kV)
    • Accelerating Voltage: 0.5 to 30 kV
    • Magnification: 5 to 600,000X
    • Low vacuum pressure setting range: 10 to 150 Pa