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Filtering Chemical Fume Hoods

Erlab chemical fume hoods provide unrivalled filtration quality, ensuring a superior level of user protection to all other filtration or extraction devices.  By capturing toxic gases at source and filtering them with Erlab-developed filters the most powerful in the world (10 to 1,000 times more effective than other filters on the market they deliver at least 99.995% pure air, inside and out.  A system of endless benefits, providing flawless protection, not only for laboratory personnel, but also for all the company’s employees, as well as everyone living nearby.  SMART technology a powerful light-based communication interface keeps users constantly informed, completely intuitively, of the operational status of their fume hood and of the level of safety they are receiving.  Exceptional working comfort which removes any anxiety, allowing greater concentration on research.


A range of advantages:

  • Savings

    Erlab filtration fume hoods give your lab an immediate boost in productivity.
  • Safety
    Trapping pollutants at the source means increased safety performance.
  • Performance
    Performance which goes above the strictest standards to protect your laboratory personnel and their environment.
  • Simplicity
    Equipment that is easy to install and simple to use.
  • Connectivity
    Erlab filtering chemical fume hoods connect to your smartphone and send you valuable information in real time.